Technomic’s Recent Trend Report Shows Consumers Are Seeking Healthier Snacks

Rises In Parfaits And Smoothies Are Helping Foodservice Operators Meet Growing Demand; Dannon® Branding And Use Of Greek Yogurt Can Be Key Purchase Drivers

January 31, 2017- According to Technomic’s Snacking Occasion Report, 60% of consumers are seeking healthier snacks.1 As a result, parfaits are up 10%2 and smoothies are now #5 of the top 10 drinks on restaurant menus.3 To further drive sales opportunities, research shows that consumers will pay 34% more for items made with Greek yogurt4 and nearly three-quarters of consumers are more likely to purchase a parfait that is Dannon® branded.5

Greek yogurt is perfect for parfaits and smoothies because the thicker texture allows for longer hold times. The wellbalanced flavor profile of Dannon® Oikos® Greek Nonfat Yogurt helps chefs and operators explore both sweet and savory parfait and smoothie applications. In addition, its ideal consistency creates creamier smoothies with no separation and parfaits with crunchier granola and less color bleed from fruit.

To support culinary inspiration and meet the needs of chefs and operators, Dannon Foodservice offers an assortment of bulk yogurt products, including traditional, Greek, nonfat and lowfat options in Plain, Vanilla and Strawberry flavors. Depending on the chef’s preference, Dannon yogurt is available in 32 oz. plastic tubs or 6 lbs. resealable bags

For operators seeking new parfaits and smoothies, consider these on-trend recipe ideas for any menu:

  • Bountiful Parfait and Bountiful Smoothie: Made with Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Vanilla, crunchy cinnamon-spiced granola and zesty orange segments, these snacks will give patrons plenty to smile about.
  • Mango Con Coco Parfait and Mango Con Coco Smoothie: These simple, yet delicious recipes made with mango, chili-spiced almonds and Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Vanilla are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy
  • Chia and Yogurt Green Smoothie: Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Plain adds a creamy texture to this flavorful and nutritious beverage, which is full of veggies, fruits and spices.

Mike Miles, Vice President of Sales of Dannon Foodservice, said, “As consumer demand for healthier snacks increases, we know yogurt can serve as a flexible ingredient for menu items that can be served throughout the day. Parfaits and smoothies made with Greek or traditional yogurt and branded with Dannon are refreshing, convenient choices for patrons and profitable revenue generators for chefs and operators.”

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About Dannon Foodservice:
Dannon was founded 75 years ago on yogurt’s ability to improve lives. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dannon Foodservice continues to uphold the deeply engrained belief that food can do a world of good. As a health & wellness partner, Dannon knows yogurt has the power to deliciously provide many of the nutrients consumers need. Its portfolio of America’s best-loved brands includes Dannon®, Oikos®, Light & Fit®, Activia®, Danimals® and Stonyfield™ to help chefs and operators meet trends today and innovate for the future. Dannon Foodservice inspires goodness through menu creativity, a commitment to sustainability and better-for-you snacking options. For more information, visit

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