Dannon® Does Campus Dining Right

Dannon® can help you reach students with better-for-you dining options featuring the yogurts they love. Our tailored solutions can help you create campus dining programs that appeal to students while influencing their snack choices.
Drive profits with the right assortment of yogurts students want.
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Objective Create the ideal snacking destination Satisfy students with tasty customized creations

Protein and nutrient-dense yogurts make refueling easier

Serve Incredible flavor from kitchen to table

Provide better-for-you options

Dannon® Solution

Build a robust snack program with Dannon® Bundle Ups

Offer fresh, customizable menu concepts (Parfait and Smoothie Bars)

High protein offerings in portable cups and drinks

Use bulk yogurts as a base ingredient to improve menu nutritionals

Label products with easy-to-understand information


Bundles of Opportunity

Build incremental profits with grab-and-go bundles featuring Dannon® yogurts paired with popular snacks and beverages. Top 5 Yogurt Pairings

Parfait Bars Give Students the Power to Personalize

Get students excited about yogurt with fun parfait bars that address their desire to customize. Cash in on the popularity of Greek yogurt and fruit.

Smoothie Stations Are Well-Fit for Campus Dining

smoothies Creamy, tasty smoothies offer a wellness health halo that nutrition-conscious students seek, and the ability to customize helps fight food boredom. Smoothies are a growing trend, gaining popularity as a smart choice because they’re convenient and can be customized for on-the-go.         ¹2014 C&U Yogurt Attitude and Usage Study